What is a Super Identity?


Turns out the Department of Homeland Security is ‘mapping’ your desires.

I think if you want to comment at the bottom you can use a fake email address because I turned off the protection – there will be prizes for the funniest submissions.
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University of Southampton – SuperIdentity – Southampton are also developing ‘gait’ recognition (otherwise known as ‘being able to see through a burka’) and Southampton city centre was the UK’s first CCTV ‘total coverage’ city, with state controlled CCTV in all the shops.

The EPSRC – some very well funded super geeks.

IMPRINTS – a subsidiary project of SuperIdentity

IMPRINT website

SuperIdentity annual reports (a list of pdf files including an ‘impact statement’, I haven’t checked that out yet but it sounds uba-scary)

PAPER: $31; A Model for Identity in the Cyber and Natural Universes.

Global Uncertainties: Ethics and Rights in a Security Context – meet your agents.

PDF – Global Uncertainties – Strategic Plan 2011-2016 – queue the scary music.. when you’re reading this in the loo, be careful not to drop your ipad down the toilet.


7 responses to “What is a Super Identity?

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  2. Love your work, I’m 20 years older than you and wish the veil had been removed from me 20 years ago. Anyway, I am trying to co-ordinate people here in Cyprus and hopefully along the way my b**ls will grow. Have a great Christmas/solstice Master Sam. Love and hugs x

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  4. Pingback: What is a Super Identity? | TruthTube

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